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Insights From The Heart
When Your Mate Has Emotionally Checked Out

Chapters Include:
1. How Trauma Impacts Your Mind and Body
2. What Happens When There Is Emotional Trauma
3. Suppressed Emotions Are Linked to    Mind-Body Illness
4. Emotional Connections to Physical Illness
5. Emotional Connections to Mind Illness
6. When There Is No Reason for the Illness or Condition
7. Spirit, Soul, Body, and Healing
8. Why It Is Hard to Believe in Your Authority    to Heal
9. Praying for Healing with Power and Authority
10. Steps for Healing Prayer  

11. Practical Tips for Breaking Through to Healing
• What to Do When:
Someone Cannot Remember Past Memories; Someone Cannot Identify or Express Feelings;
Someone Is Not Ready  to Forgive; Someone Cannot Release Anger, Hurt, or Resentment
Jesus Is Not Wanted in the Healing Process; Helping the Afflicted Person to Feel Safe
Helping the Afflicted Person to Trust Jesus; Healing Comes in Layers
Misunderstood Domestic Violence Trauma; Other Hindrances That Can Block Healing
12. Expanding Your Search When Healing    Doesn’t Occur
13. Healing Prayers Can Work for You Too!
14.  How to Keep Your Healing
15. Suggested Emotional Connections to    Mind-Body Conditions 

Breaking Emotional Barriers to Healing: Understanding the Mind/Body Connection to Your Illness
Far too many Christians are waiting, hoping, and praying for healing, but either it doesn’t last or it doesn’t come at all. Craig explains how to minister to the spirit and soul to identify root causes that block healing. He lends particular focus to cases in which no cause of an illness can be identified and what to do when healing does not occur. He provides easy-to-use, step-by-step practical methods that are viable, available, affordable, and effective at bringing real solutions to long-term pain and suffering. Includes real-life examples of healing testimonies, suggested emotional barriers to 490 mind-body conditions, and healing prayers for ministering healing to others

Topics of the following books:

  • Self Help Books
  • Motivational Books
  • Inspirational Books For Women

Declaring Your Worth - Book and CD
If you ever felt unworthy of good things and want to believe for more?  If you like to read about miracles and become encouraged about your authority and power from God, this devotional is for you! Each short chapter has an inspiring miracle story, practical instructions about healing, and powerful declarations over yourself based on scriptures to declare that you are:  worthy, lovable, significant, blameless, accepted, forgiven, set free, victorious, purposeful, confident, attractive, hopeful, blessed, and much more. 

Better Life Spotlight- Healthy Relationships - DVD

Better Life Spotlight- Healthy Relationships is an inspiring and informative 90 minute DVD taped in front of a live audience at WLMB TV-40 in Toledo, Ohio. Craig will share practical ways to: radically improve how to communicate thoughts and feelings, increase confidence to say what you think and feel, show loving affection, reduce and handle emotional melt downs, let go of hurts from others, reduce emotional or physical stress and suffering, and much more.  During a question and answer time you will learn easy steps to teach children how to express healthy emotions and how to help teenagers communicate with you.

Better Life Spotlight

II. Find healing through your feelings!
7. Allowing yourself to feel
8. Steps to finding your feelings
9. Discovering and overcoming how your past influenced you
10. Overcoming destructive thinking and feeling messages
11. Gauging your feelings
12. Bearing fruit in your life
13. Healing through the truth


Table of Contents
I. Why feelings don’t come easy
1. What is so important about expressing your feelings?
2. How the past infl uenced your feelings
3. Protecting yourself from your hurts
4. When you are shamed
5. Religious Shame
6. The results of shame


 When Feelings Don’t Come Easy - Book

This book will explain why you cannot feel and cannot cry or feel good about yourself.  You will learn how emotional suffering, physical and emotional ailments, poor self-worth, and dissatisfaction with life can be the caused by lack of expressing feelings.  

 Learn valuable insights, powerful case examples, inspiring scriptures, and easy to learn techniques to understand: why feelings don’t come easy, how to identify and express feelings, receive more confidence to say what you think, stop becoming hurt by  what others say, and feel better about yourself!  Questions after each chapter are available.

When Feeling Don't Come Easy

Table of Contents

Chapters include information about:

Your Worth, Declarations, I Am Loved and I Am Lovable; I Am Accepted;

I Can Love others; I Am Worthy; I Am Blameless; I Have an Inheritance of Blessings;  

I Am Wonderfully Made; I Am Forgiven; I Am Victorious; I Am Free; I Am Significant;

I Am Confident; I Am Purposeful; I Am Attractive (Inside and outside);

I Have the Mind of Christ; I Am Hopeful; Living in Your Worthiness 

Declaring Your Worth

 Part III.  Making Changes
12. Determine What Needs to Change
13. When “Letting go” of the Past Doesn’t Work
14. Natural Solutions to Heal the Heart and Mind
15. Stop Trying to Change Your Unemotional Mate
16. The Emotional Mate can Make Healthy Changes
17. Finding Strength Through Prayer
18. How to Communicate Your Feelings
19. How to Communicate with Your Mate
20. Improving the Relationship
21. Showing Love and Respect

Part IV. Making Radical Changes
22. What to do When Your Mate Does Not Change
23. Change the Emotional Mate to Revive the Relationship

                                              Table of Contents
Part I. Where Have All The Feelings Gone
1. Struggling to Have a Relationship
2. When You Live Without Emotions
3. Living in a Family Without Emotions the

     feelings Gone?
4. Past Experiences are the Greatest Influence

Part II. When Emotions Don’t Come Easy in

5. Why You Live with an Unemotional Mate
6. Women Want a Relationship, Men Want Sex!
7. Understanding the Emotional Differences
8. Dancing the Relationship Tango
9. Showing Interest in Everything Else but You
10. Your Health Affects how You Feel
11. Your Health Affects how You Think


When Your Mate is Emotionally Unavailable - Book


This book is for those relationships when your mate is emotionally unavailable where lack of emotions, lack of love and lack of affection continues despite repeated unsuccessful efforts to change the relationship. This book identifies: the characteristics of living with an emotionally unavailable mate, how a person becomes unemotional, why emotional mates love them, the negative impact on the family, ways to bring hope and give encouragement, and practical steps to make radical changes. Questions after each chapter are available.

Chapter 4. Strategies with Children and Persevering through Prayer
Chapter 5. Inner Healing
Chapter 6. Strategies for Emotional Healing
Chapter 7. Why You Lose Your Healing and How to Keep It
Chapter 8. Changing the Atmosphere to Believe in Your Healing
Chapter 9. Maintain Your Power and Authority
Chapter 10. Suggested Meaning of Body Language
Chapter 11. Suggested Emotional Connections to Mind/Body Conditions

 Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Prayer for Healing
Chapter 2. What Hinders Healing Prayers
Chapter 3. When Emotions Hinder Healing

Finding Victory

 Finding Victory When Healing Doesn't Happen - Breaking Through With Healing Prayer - Book

Have you ever prayed for healing but nothing happened?  Dr. Randy Clark and Craig Miller have teamed up to teach why healing doesn’t happen; Why you can't be healed, What causes you to lose your heal­ing; How to pray for specific emotional and physical conditions; Changing the atmosphere to believe in healing; Finding your power and authority from Christ; What to do when healing is hindered by issues of unworthiness, unbelief, fear, doubt, curses, spiritual warfare, unforgiveness, and more. 

Self Help & Healing Prayer Book Selection