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Emotional and Physical Connection and Prayers

​​​Emotional Connection to Mind/Body Conditions

Suppressed emotion becomes stored throughout the body areas such as cells, muscles, tendons, and body systems which create a weakened state of functioning. This makes the body more susceptible to illness and less capable or receptive to healing. With every physical or emotional trauma there is cellular memory trauma imprinted in the mind, heart, and body. The unresolved emotional memory trauma becomes trapped in your soul; which locks the physical trauma in the body, blocking the physical healing. As a result, one of the best ways to open a pathway to healing is to reveal and release the unhealthy emotion.

The chart below is suggested emotional connections (causes) to mind and body conditions.

For more details and hundreds of additional conditions see Craig's book, Finding Victory When Healing Doesn't Happen.   

Back/Spine                                   - from lack of emotional support
Bladder                                         - from suppressed fear
Gallbadder                                   - from suppressed resentment
Heart                                             - from unblanced joy
Kidney                                           - from suppressed fear
Liver                                              - from suppressed anger
Lung                                              - from  suppressed grief
Pineal, Nervous System, Brain - from discouragement
Shoulder/Neck                            - from suppressed burdens, aggravation
Spleen / Pancreas                      - from suppressed worry
Stomach                                      - from suppressed nervous
Thyroid, Adrenals                      - from suppressed paranoia
Reference: Finding Victory When Healing Doesn't Happen

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Demonstration of Prayers found in Craig's book: Breaking Emotional Barriers to Healing:Understanding the Mind/Body Connection to Your Illness

For more information about the book click here

This is a prayer technique that can be used with long term, difficult to heal conditions -

especially for conditions that have not been healed from past prayers, counseling, or medical interventions.

These prayers will bring release of deeper unresolved emotional trauma wounds for permanent healing.

Step I. Prayer for Healing
Ask: What is your name? What do you need prayer for?
Ask: What is the amount [intensity level] you feel the condition in your mind/body? (Use a pain scale of 0–10, with zero being no pain at all and ten being intense pain.)
Command: the emotions, pain, and physical condition to leave, in Jesus’s name.
Ask: What is the amount [intensity level] you feel the condition now in your mind/body? (Use the same 0–10 scale.)
Praise God for any healing. Repeat steps 1–5 for more healing.
Instruct: Teach the person how to believe for healing by focusing on God’s Word, not on their pain or condition. Encourage them to give Jesus all their hurt.
If Healing Doesn’t Happen: continue to Step II

Step II: Prayers for Releasing Soul Traumas
Ask: “When did you first remember experiencing this condition or feeling?”
1a. If the memory/reason for condition is known…
Pray/Ask: “Describe what happened and how it made you feel?” Proceed to #2
1b. If the memory/reason for the condition is unknown…
Pray/Ask: “Describe your feelings of living with the condition.” Pray to recall early memories that produced similar feelings. Proceed to #2
Ask: Thinking of the past memory, rate the amount of hurt you feel the mind/body condition. (0–10 scale)
Instruct: “Picture Jesus [or another safe person] in the memory standing between you and the offending person/situation protecting/hugging you [see Step V Love Hug below] or hugging you within a protective bubble.”
Pray: In Jesus’s name, curse the emotional, physical, sight, hearing, and cellular memory trauma.
Pray: Declare healing to the heart/mind/body, in Jesus’s name.
Ask: Rate the amount of hurt in your mind/body now. (0–10 pain scale)
Praise God for any healing or expected healing.
If healing does not happen: expand your search for earlier trauma issues and repeat 1–8, with the option to use Step V (Love Hug and love pat).
If healing happens: option to continue with Step III and Step IV.
Instruct: Teach the person how to believe for healing by focusing on God’s Word, not on their condition. Encourage them to give Jesus all of their hurt.   

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