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​Churches and organizations around the country are scheduling emotional and physical healing weekends for,

families, individuals, staff and leadership.

This includes Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday morning time for individual and group healing prayer ministry. 

Healing prayer for physical and emotional conditions may include any sickness and condition.  This also includes long term illness

and conditions that have not been healed after many times of prayer.

This includes emotional issues such as depression, OCD, ADD, ADHD, PTSD, anxiety, panic attacks, anger,   

personality conditions, parent/child issues, marital issues, infidelity, marital affairs, eating disorders, rage, multiple personalities, and most other emotional conditions.

Contact Craig for more information and to schedule healing ministry time for your congregation and/or staff.

Contact Craig for availability and fees (or donation) for ministry or speaking time

 Contact Craig to schedule other conferences

You can choose any or all of the following conference topics: 
Removing Obstacles to Emotional and Physical Healing
Authority and Breakthrough for Emotional and Physical Healing
Amazing Results for Ministering Physical and Emotional Healing 
Learn About and Receive Emotional and Physical Healing
Embracing Your Spiritual Authority for Emotional and Physical Healing

The following information can be taught at the conference:
Creating faith to believe the impossible is possible
Identify and release obstacles for permanent healing
Emotional trauma connection to mind/body healing
Emotional trauma connection to mind/body conditions  
Common obstacles to Healing Prayer
How to Pray with the Authority and Power of Jesus
Identifying and releasing the root trauma of the condition
Receiving the Father’s love to believe I am worthy for healing 
Strategies to heal conditions not healed in the past
Learn Steps to Emotional and Physical Healing Prayers
Learn prayers for emotional and physical healing
Impartation for healing prayer and practice what you learn
Receive healing prayer for conditions not healed in the past 
Healing prayer strategies will be demonstrated

You will not be the same - MARRIAGE SEMINAR  
Using Faith Healing Strategies for the Work Place
Developing healthy relationships
Finding the Joy of Christ in a Hurting World
Parenting Seminar - Building a legacy
Emotional and Spiritual Connection to Physical Healing
How God Can Use YOU to Heal:Chronic Illness & Pain • Emotional Conditions • Medical Ailments  

Cost:   To be arranged 
Availability:  Advance scheduling 
Length of presentation: Hour, half day, or day long seminars (Pending topic) 

Keep watching this page or contact Craig for upcoming presentations
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