Learn About and Receive

Emotional and Physical Healing
 Saturday,  Sept, 2018  at  6:00 pm 

Date to be announced

Come and see God provide Miracles, Healing, and Wonders
 • Praise and worship • Hear healing testimonies
• Receive healing prayer • Learn about healing prayer
 Lifehouse Ministies - 9425 Tipton Hwy, Tipton, MI 49287
Formerly Tipton Elementary School - on Tipton Hwy between M-50 and Route 12
between Jackson, MI and Tecumseh, MI
No childcare available
For more information contact: (517) 442-4405


Healing Service at HUB service

August, 2018 - 6PM

​Date to be announced

Eaglewood Resort
1401 Nordic Road, Itasca, IL. 60143 | Main Phone: 630.773.1400


Authority and Breakthrough for

Emotional and Physical Healing
July 14, 2018
9am- 4:30PM Teaching and 7:00pm healing service
Ekballo Harvest Ministries
529 E Broad St, Bethlehem, PA 18017.

You will learn about:
Embracing Your Spiritual Authority & Healing Power
Creating faith to believe the impossible is possible
Obstacles to Healing Prayer
Identifying and releasing the root trauma of the condition
Strategies to heal conditions not healed in the past
Healing prayer strategies will be demonstrated


​Churches and organizations around the country are scheduling emotional and physical healing weekends for,

families, individuals, staff and leadership.

This includes Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday morning time for individual and group healing prayer ministry. 

Healing prayer for physical and emotional conditions may include any sickness and condition.  This also includes long term illness

and conditions that have not been healed after many times of prayer.

This includes emotional issues such as depression, OCD, ADD, ADHD, PTSD, anxiety, panic attacks, anger,   

personality conditions, parent/child issues, marital issues, infidelity, marital affairs, eating disorders, rage, multiple personalities, and most other emotional conditions.

Contact Craig for more information and to schedule healing ministry time for your congregation and/or staff.

Contact Craig for availability and fees (or donation) for ministry or speaking time

 Contact Craig to schedule a seminar for the following topics:

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1. You will not be the same - MARRIAGE SEMINAR

2. Supernatual Healing Conference - Healing Strategies for Personal Use and in the Work Place   

3. Finding the Joy of Christ in a Hurting World . 

4. Parenting Seminar - Building a legacy 

5. Emotional and Spiritual Connection to Physical Healing   

6. How God Can Use YOU to Heal: Chronic Illness & Pain • Emotional Conditions • Medical Ailments



Integrating Faith Based Principles in Clinical Mental Health Practice:            
A Christian Approach for Improving Treatment Outcomes

TO ORDER GO TO: www.pesi.com
OR CALL:  1-800-844-8260 .


Interweaving faith principles with personal/professional growth Interweaving Faith in Christian and Non-Christian settings  Improving Clinical effectiveness with prayer (praying with or without the client)


Apply faith principles for your personal life and clinical practice.
Utilize faith principles without offending your client.

Integrate strategies with the healing power of prayer.

Explain the power of prayer in the therapeutic process.

This seminar will provide practical strategies using faith based Christian principles to help your clients stabilize, heal and recover. Craig Miller will share effective strategies that you can utilize in your own practice no matter your clinical setting.  You will develop a stronger appreciation and understanding of how to integrate your faith with mental health treatment strategies to enhance your practice and your treatment outcomes.

Our hope is that, as your faith continues to grow, our area of activity among you will greatly expand… (2 Corinthians 10:15).

Go to www.pesi.com
for more information and registration

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