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What readers are saying about the book: When Your Feelings Don't Come easy

"When Feelings Don’t Come Easy, captures the essence of your inmost thoughts and feelings.  Craig acknowledges the existence of these feelings and creatively allows you to become aware that you are not alone in your struggles.  This book gives you the information to move forward with your own inner healing so that you too may view the world in a more beautifully colorful way….”

“After approximately one year of counseling, thirty spiritual self-help books and two workbooks later, I continued to search the bookshelves for more.  But the questions remained and troubled me greatly.  I knew that I did not feel emotions like others.  After reading the book, I was most relieved that I did not suffer alone and there was hope. I began to uncover the long sought after answers.  A peace of mind was given to me, as the self-condemnation began to slowly loosen its’ hold.  Awareness gave me great courage and power to overcome.  I was able to discontinue a 15 year eating disorder.  I don’t think there will ever be a time that I reflect and not remember how the validation and knowledge received from the book freed me.  I have received Jesus Christ as my personal savior and my goal now is to look toward the future with eagerness of the joy and happiness that awaits me.”  

“When Feelings Don’t Come Easy has helped to show me that what I’ve always thought of as “a normal childhood” isn’t the norm,  The book has shown me that in my childhood, I was never allowed to express my feelings.  I didn’t learn how to recognize those feelings and therefore have buried hurt feelings and have carried them into my adulthood, affecting the way I deal, or don’t deal with situations.  The book has taught me how to work through those buries feelings and express myself much more clearly…and in expressing myself I am a much fuller, happier person, who doesn’t need approval from anyone except myself and God.  This book has changed my life in the most positive way I ever could have imagined.  I recommend it to anyone who has difficulty enjoying their life to the fullest.”   

“I want to thank you for your book – I started to read it almost a year ago – then realized That I needed counseling – had tried several counselors.  Your book is excellent and I wish I would have read it completely when I first received it in the mail.”  

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