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Insights From The Heart

Here are some examples to show that we have an awesome GOD of miracles, signs, wonders, grace, and mercy.

God loves you and wants you to be healed too. 

Eye sight restored

A woman had cataracts, poor vision in both eyes, and always wore trifocal glasses.  After the second unsuccessful laser surgery her eyes became terribly worse with constant severe pain, taking daily naps to easy the eye strain, unable to completely open the left eye, and needing to wear +2.50 reading glasses.  After praying for God to release emotional, physical, and cellular memory trauma from a childhood medical trauma and from the eye surgery trauma, God totally eliminated all pain and regained 100% vision.  She can now read the very very small print on anything without glasses. Praise God!  

Emotional and physical healing

During childhood a 23 yo man was physically and emotionally abused by his father.  At 14 he turned to drugs and started using cocaine at 17 to ease the emotional and physical pain.  When we met this man complained of back aches, headaches, depression, and mentally numb from the long term unresolved trauma.  The man cried as he identified and released traumatic childhood memories.  God literally wiped away his emotional trauma.  Each time a memory was released his physical condition improved; his back pain left, depression lifted, and headaches disappeared.  When we prayed for God to impart His love, the man would say over again, “What is happening? Wow, I can’t believe this.”   I told him he doesn’t need drugs any more to get high on life.  For now on, just take a deep breath.  When he breathed in, he experienced a greater high with God than he felt on drugs.  Praise God!

Alzheimer’s symptoms healed 
A man told me he has been evaluated by his doctor for his cognitive ability and memory. According to the results of a mental/verbal exam this man’s scoring indicated symptoms of Alzheimer’s. We prayed in Jesus name for any diagnosis and symptoms of Alzheimer’s to be gone out of his mind and body. A short time later the doctor used the same exam with the man and there was a significantly better score. When the man asked the doctor how he could account for the higher score, the doctor simply said, “It’s not Alzheimer’s.” Praise God! 

Torn cartilage healed 
A man fell on his knee which became very swollen and was diagnosed with a torn cartilage. The constant pain was at a #9 (0-10 scale). For the next 3 weeks he could not use his leg or put any weight on his foot and had to use a crutch to walk. When we prayed for God to heal his knee he began to feel heat and the pain disappeared. When I asked him to do something he could not do before, he kicked out his leg and twisted it without any pain. He held his crutch in his hand as he walked away totally healed. Praise God for his healing!

Carpal tunnel, lower back, insomnia healed 
A woman had developed symptoms of severe carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands and for years felt fear, stress and anxiety. When she released the emotions to Jesus she was instantly delivered. When I commanded pain and swelling in her wrists to leave, all pain and numbness left. She had feelings in her fingers again! I also prayed about a sharp pain in her lower back that had been there for five years. The Lord revealed it was a spirit of fear and she was instantly delivered and pain free. She also suffered with insomnia for about one year. When I prayed for sadness regarding the death of her father, the guilt, self-anger, and regret broke off. Those strongholds were disturbing her sleep. She felt totally healed. Praise God!

Dissociative Identity Disorder healed (Written by the person who was healed) 
I had Dissociative Identity Disorder (multiple personalities) with 15+ alters identified. I lived in chaos every day. Inside was like an unruly classroom with no teacher.. voices, arguments, emotion uncontrolled. I describe what I was feeling from the abuse I had suffered in childhood from an alcoholic father and perfectionist mother who had sexually abused me (father) and sought an abortion for me (mom) but it was too late. I felt empty and not belonging then Jesus came and showed me His love for me at the point where I first felt alone and unwanted, rejected, unloved. . . in utero, in my mother’s womb. His peace and love filled me as I yielded to him. He held me and I was filled with His peace and love. I no longer felt alone. I belong to Jesus and He belongs to me. I don’t need my alters anymore. They became part of my whole. I am restored to peace and victory for the first time in fifty years. Praise God!

Compressed Discs healed after 39 years 
A woman told me that when she was 14 yrs old she fell on her neck after a handstand in gymnastics. She was diagnosed with compressed discs and for the last 39 years has lived with constant chronic back pain at a # 3 to 4 on the pain scale. One wrong move while twisting, turning, or bending turned into terrible muscle spasms and excruciating pain that incapacitated her with more stabbing pain in her back for days at a time. I put my hands on her lower back and prayed for healing. The pain disappeared and she was free to move without pain. Praise God!

Club foot, leg lengthen, curvature of the spine healed 
An 11 year old boy was born with club feet, curative of the spine, and one leg was an inch shorter. He walked and ran with a limp and could not twist his body, bend over, or run without difficulty and pain in his back and ankles. He has suffered with this his whole life! My heart went out to him. When he sat down I held his legs as I prayed. Immediately his leg grew out, his back straighten, and he felt no pain in his back. We prayed again and his foot became straighter, with no pain in his ankles. He ran back and forth across the room, twisted his body back and forth, and bent over touching his toes – the boy had no pain and became a very happy boy. Praise God!

Body pain left after emotion released
This is another example of suppressed emotion holds the physical pain. Woman complained of body pain for years with the lower back pain currently at a #10 with pain and tingling down her arm at a #10. The Holy Spirit took her to childhood where Mother and Father were not emotionally there for her. When she let go of the emotion of neglect and sadness the physical pain decreased to #5. Next, the Holy Spirit took her to the feeling of devastation when her first boyfriend left her. After she released the emotional devastation and hurt from the loss, the physical pain completely stopped. Praise God!

Arthritis in neck healed & toes straightened
I saw a woman at the grocery store that had a cervical collar on and was holding her head up as she shopped. I approached her and asked if she hurt her neck. She said she had arthritis in her neck and feet for several years. She had pain at #8 (on a scale of 0-10) in her neck. I prayed for her neck and the pain went to #5. I mentioned about the importance of forgiveness and asked if she had anyone she needed to forgive. She forgave her son and another relative. When I prayed again, you could hear her neck pop into place and the pain was gone by the time we finished praying. She told me about the pain at #9 in her feet and her toes were at a 45 degree angle from the arthritis. I touched her toes and prayed for them. She said the pain is at a #2 and then said, “Wow, their moving!” “They are straightening.” She took her feet out of her slippers and showed me her feet. “See, I can move my toes,” she said as she wiggled them. “I couldn’t do that before.” “They do look straighter,” I said. “They are, and they are getting straighter,” she said. We praised God together and she said she was able to keep her neck up without her having to hold it and the pain was gone in her neck and toes. Her neck muscles had been so weak she couldn’t keep her head up – until now! Praise God!

Painful big toe healed 
A man had a swollen and painful big toe from his foot slipping out from him a few days earlier. He felt a crack in his toe when his legs slipped and turned in opposite directions. His pain was at #4 and he could not walk without a painful limp. He forgave himself and allowed me to pray. After I prayed over his toe the pain was better. We prayed again and the pain was gone. I had him stand up and walk. There was a little limp. After we prayed again and I gave instructions in walking in his healing, he walked without pain and had no limp. Praise God!

Finger healed in dentist office
Sitting in the dentist office getting my teeth cleaned my hygienist said she could not use one finger because she hurt it the other day. She said she had pain when she used the finger. After I asked if I could pray for it, I held up my index finger and asked her to place her finger on mine. I prayed a simple prayer over her finger and then asked her to put pressure on her finger. She said it felt a little better. I asked her to place her finger back on mine to pray again. I asked the Lord to take all the pain away so she could use the finger and we could glorify Him. After I prayed she said in complete surprise, “That’s amazing, there’s no pain!” I said, “That’s God, because He loves you.” She used the finger ever since. Praise God!

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