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What readers are saying about the book:  When Your Mate Has Emotionally Checked Out

 Gives you hope
Although I've been in 12 Step spiritual recovery a day at a time for 17 years, and probably have the largest library of recovery books in London that money can buy, I have to write immediately to say your book is light years in front of anything I've ever read, and the learning of wisdom I've EVER received.

 This book has opened my eyes to see and my heart to feel hope again in restoring intimacy with my husband after 39 years of marriage.

 After putting some of Craig’s suggestions into practice, I already have seen such an improvement  in my marriage and am more hopeful than I have ever been.

I've discovered, with help from this book, that life with an unemotional mate can be very lonely and trying, to say the least. The more I read the more I found there were many others just like me.

 This captivating book can teach you how to get control of the uncanny games we play in our relationships such as ‘King of the Hill,’ and ‘Dancing the Relationship Tango,’ and how to make dramatic changes for the better.

Life changing
If you are willing to take a journey to become a healthier you, then you will obtain the tools to bring lasting healing to your life and your relationships.


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