Pressing in for Your Healing - July 17, 2018

El Shaddai Bethlehem Ministries, Bethlehem, PA.

32:56 Minutes

Presentations by Craig

  1. Integrating Faith Based Principles with Clinical Mental Health Issues: A Christian approach for improving treatment outcomes 
  2. You will not be the same - MARRIAGE SEMINAR  
  3. Using Faith Healing Strategies for the Work Place
  4. Developing healthy relationships
  5. Finding the Joy of Christ in a Hurting World
  6. Parenting Seminar - Building a legacy
  7. Emotional and Spiritual Connection to Physical Healing
  8. How God Can Use YOU to Heal:Chronic Illness & Pain • Emotional Conditions • Medical Ailments  

Cost:   To be arranged 

Availability:  Advance scheduling 
Length of presentation: Hour, half day, or day long seminars (Pending topic) 

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“Your professional, and yet warm manner touched the hearts of everyone. Your use of humor, drama, music, and your personal style caused everyone in the audience to listen with rapt attention.   Thank you also for leading people to deal with some deep issues in the small amount of time you were allowed.”

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Emotional & Physical Healing Presentations