Craig Miller: Author, Speaker, Therapist



Insights From The Heart

Dealing with Stress for First Responders and Healthcare Providers  

​How traumatic experiences and prolonged stressful exposure can affect your mind and body. What you can do to reduce stress and anxiety symptoms. ( 7+ Minutes)

Healthy and Unhealthy Anxiety and How to be Free
Learn the difference between a healthy and unhealthy anxiety. How does unhealthy anxiety affect you and how to become free from it. 

4+ minutes)


How to Overcome Depression During Hard Times-   August 28, 2020

30 Minutes

Overcoming Anxiety and Trauma

With Craig Miller

Dr. Mike Hutchings, Global Awakening

How trauma and anxiety during difficult times can affect you.

How to identify anxiety and deal with it.

Question and Answer time

Approx. 1hour and 50 minutes 

How to Cope with Anxiety 

An Apple A Day with Dr Amanda

August 25, 2020    30 minutes

Finding healing When It Doesn't Happen

Oct. 2, 2020- Encounter Ministries- 

-Emotional connection to mind/body healing

-What blocks your healing

-How to pray when healing doesn't happen

59 mins

How to Feel Worthy and Good Enough

Learn why you do not feel worthy or good enough and how you can change you perception and belief about yourself   ( 34+ minutes)

Are You Hungry Video Conference May, 2020 

How the mind receives hurts and trauma
How the hurts and trauma effect the body
How stress/tension/emotion create medical and emotional issues
Why you hold on to illness and emotional conditions
Suggested emotional connection to medical conditions
How to find the origins of the emotion or physical conditions
How to pray for healing for yourself and your family
How to identify and release emotion
Q and A time with participants